Why install solar panels?

Why spend your hard-earned money "renting" electricity at ever increasing prices, when you can buy your own electricity generation means?


Save the Planet, Reduce your Emissions.

Switching to solar powered energy will considerably reduce your carbon emissions

 A typical home will save 30 tonnes of carbon in the lifetime of a system! Solar panels need no fuel to run: no carbon emissions, no pollution, just completely green energy.


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Save Money.

Solar electricity panels save a lot of money on electricity bills. 

Once installed, solar electricity panels require nothing other than daylight to generate electricity. Be freed from the restraints of energy companies hiking prices each year.


Futureproof your home.

Can you imagine a world where you’re paid for the energy your home produces?

In the changing world of home energy, installing solar panels will future proof your home to sell energy back to the grid.

Our system are:

  • Smart grid compatible
  • Ready for EV charging
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Fit Once, Forget Forever.

Solar panels are passive and last about 25-30 years.

Install them, then move on to more important things. Like spending your energy savings or spending time with your family.

We provide:

  • Parts & labour warranties
  • Ongoing support
  • Real time system monitoring

Over 10,000 installations in the UK with a 98% satisfaction rating. 


Our highly trained engineers have extensive experience in the field of renewable technology, ensuring you receive the highest quality product and customer service on the market. Following installation of the system, our full accredited engineers will commission the system so that you can start saving on your energy bills.

EPVS is a certification standard that ensures you have been provided with accurate performance estimates and monetary savings and that these have been communicated clearly to help you with your buying decision.



HIES is a consumer protection organisation covering the installation of renewable energy and home energy efficiency products and provides free deposit protection, free stage payment protection and free insurance backed guarantees



MCS defines, maintains and improves quality by certifying low-carbon energy technologies and contractors – including heat pumps, solar, biomass, wind and battery storage.

You need your Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certificate to sell excess electricity back to suppliers.